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We want to thank all of our readers for the past two years of devotion. But we have news.

While we love the ideas we've come up with, we feel we havn't given the project the attention and quality it deserves. So we are re-starting. A new version of the comic will start soon. In the meantime we've been working on another comic called EVSG. You can read it at elderlyvampireschoolgirl/com or

Again, thanks for everything


by SaberCow


Is this my first blog post? I have no idea.

So this frist book or whatever this is will finished with Chapter 10. Trust me, it should all make sense by then. Hopefully.

For New Readers: this comic is a metaphor of the internet. If the internet were a planet this is what we imagine it would be like. 

by SaberCow

How come more people don't follow this comic?

Seriously? If I were you people I'd be so freakin' happy. :D

by SaberCow


I will probably never post here. 

by SaberCow


The first blog entry for .com/ic!

We are allready on our ELEVENTH COMIC! WOOOOO!!!!

This comic basically dominates my mondays and tuesdays because I never get around to working on it before then. Oh well.