by SaberCow


Is this my first blog post? I have no idea.

So this frist book or whatever this is will finished with Chapter 10. Trust me, it should all make sense by then. Hopefully.

For New Readers: this comic is a metaphor of the internet. If the internet were a planet this is what we imagine it would be like. 

by SaberCow

How come more people don't follow this comic?

Seriously? If I were you people I'd be so freakin' happy. :D

by SaberCow


I will probably never post here. 

by SaberCow


The first blog entry for .com/ic!

We are allready on our ELEVENTH COMIC! WOOOOO!!!!

This comic basically dominates my mondays and tuesdays because I never get around to working on it before then. Oh well.